The modern, organic solution to spill clean-up

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  • Made in the USA

  • Cleans up contaminants with minimal effort

  • Used by hundreds of fire departments and municipalities, including WA State DOT, City of San Diego, OR State DOT and many others



Made with all organic and biodegradable materials that prevents or drastically reduces leaching back out into the environment once contaminants have been absorbed, creating a spill mitigation system unlike any other solution on the market today

#1 Absorbent on the Market


Unique processing of our peat moss makes the performance of Throw & Go far exceed that of all other absorbent materials. It's easy to use, clean, efficient and universally adaptive to dry land, in or around water and on different floor surfaces

Made in America


Throw & Go's main ingredients are sphagnum and sedge peat mosses scientifically processed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It is one of the most effective and safe absorbents you can use and the product is made entirely in America.

“Amerizorb is a superior product and has become primary in how we respond to contaminant spill clean-up!”
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Throw it on, consider it gone!